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Camping - Wheelchair Armrest Bag

Camping - Wheelchair Armrest Bag

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Our armrest bag is perfect for the armrest of your favourite camping chair, beach chair or wheelchair — it will even work perfectly on a beach wheelchair too! 

Stay organised and have quick access to what you need with this armrest bag. Made and lined with fine seams, and durable stitching, it has been made to last the distance. The shell is made of a waterproof material, and while we don’t guarantee it’s 100% waterproof as the pockets aren’t all fully sealed, we can guarantee that it will help to protect your items and keep them safe from the elements of your environment — be that the sea breeze, rain and mud, or splashing around by the lake, river or the pool. In fun bright colours, it makes it easier to spot out also. 

Designed with multiple large pockets and a large fully sealed and zipped back pocket you can hold anything from your favourite magazines, book, newspaper, kindle reader, tablet, or your phone — through to things such as your glasses (reading or sunglasses), a drink bottle, car keys, jewellery, snacks or lollies, a notepad, pen, power bank charger or anything else!! It is perfect for hitting the outdoors, and will happily go along with you to be helpful anywhere you want to go! 

The armrest holder has been designed with adjustable straps to fit a wide range of seat and armrest size and widths. Just adjust to suit your need.  It can also be worn as a tote around your waist or over your shoulder, and even attached to a backpack also! Super easy and convenient to use and install — just click it into place and you’re sorted to enjoy the day!


These are a fantastic solution to be used for:  

— A day at the beach, poolside, and lake or river side.

— camping in the summer (or winter) with friends 

— for events such as BBQ, bonfire, or get togethers  

— Watching the kids (or adults) sports all year round

— Can be used against a couch or bedside 

— can be used with babies pram and push chairs 

— Can be used in the car on a headrest behind a seat 

— Those who use mobility device such as wheelchair, walker, and even a mobility scooters and more! 

— A fantastic solution for storage + easy access to it.  


: Whether you use a wheelchair, walker or scooter, having access to a good quality bag to store and carry your things can make all of the difference! 



Material: 600D Oxford cloth

Size: See below for more details…

Total: 36cm (L) x 32cm (W) 

When tucked: 36cm (L) x 23cm (W) 

Lace pocket: 18cm (L) x 10cm (W)

Big pocket: 16cm (L) x 12cm (W)

Small pocket: 16cm (L) x 10cm (W)

Weight: 175 grams 

Package includes: 1x Armrest Bag (camp chair / wheelchair) 



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