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USB Heating Back Support

USB Heating Back Support

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A USB heated wrap to help ease aches, pains and muscles spasms and cramping around your back, stomach and torso. Easily portable and adjustable, simply plug the USB cord into a portable power bank, and then slip the power bank into your pocket and you can head out and about with hands free heating. 

These are great for winter, for staying warm while watching the kids early morning sports on the field, on the boat with friends, or a picnic as the air cools towards the end of the day. Great for the office, work, and play. Reduce pain, stay warm, and find comfort in the heat and support that this heated wrap can offer. 

This wrap is made with silky material, and heats up using carbon fibre technology to between 45 — 55°C. Secured in place using Velcro, you can adjust it to your own comfort as often as you need. There is non slip technology built into the fabric to help it stay in place exactly where you want and need relief most.



Material: Cloth, electronics, heating pad 

Size: 115cm (L) x 19cm (W) 

Biggest fit: 104cm Diameter 

Rating voltage: 5V Power: 5W

Temperature: 45-55°C

Heating model: Carbon fiber heating

Weight: 105 grams 

Package includes: 1x USB Electric Heat Waist Belt 


Care Instructions: 

➡️ Connect: Plug USB into a power bank source.
➡️ Wear: Wrap around your waist, adjust straps to suit, with the heating pad against your back or stomach for the warm relief you are seeking. 
➡️ Use: Turn on, select heating level. Please use for 20-30 minutes at a time to protect your skin integrity. 


➡️ Please do not use while sleeping.
➡️ Unplug after use. 
➡️ Ensure it is turned off whenever it is not in use.    
➡️ Do not immerse in water.     
➡️ Please keep this away from children unsupervised. 
➡️ To clean: please turn off belt, remove it from being worn, and then wipe with a damp cloth and allow for the belt to dry fully before wearing or turning on again.    
➡️ Store: in a cool, dry place between uses. 
➡️ Please inspect regularly for any damages. If damage of fault is found, please discontinue use.     
➡️ If you have a spinal cord injury or impaired sensory function of your skin this item is not recommended and we encourage you to seek advice from one of your medical of health professionals about this item.   

➡️ Note: Any time heat or cooling is used for pain relief and/or management, we advise that you keep an eye on the area that it is being used on / treated area to ensure your skin health and integrity at all times. 


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