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Support Guards for Nail Polish

Support Guards for Nail Polish

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If you struggle with painting nails for any number of reasons — whether you are a newbie, have tremors, unsteady hands, muscle weakness or just because, then these may be a real game changer for you or the person that you love. These are also great to start out with kids who want to paint nails and offers tools to help learn how to paint nails, while at the same time protecting the surroundings of the rest of your finger. 

Each set of nails guards has 10 sizes ranging from 1-10, as well as an additional set of the size numbers 3, 4, and 5 (with being more common nail sizes). This is to help ensure that you have a whole set for each of your nails, and that you have what you need for the appropriate and right fit for all of your nails ( …come rain, hail or shine, as the old saying sometimes goes!)

Note: As a bonus, every set will come with stencil stickers for creating beautiful French tip nails as well.   


Material: ABS plastic

Size: 2cm — 3.5cm (L) x 2cm — 3.2cm (W) 

Arch: 0.8cm — 1.2cm (W) 

Inner Gap (W): Top: 0.4 — 1cm / Base: 0.7 — 1.5cm  

Weight: 6.5 grams, set. 

Package includes: 1x Set Nail Polish Finger Guards (14 pieces per set) + 1x Set or nail tip stencil stickers 



Plastic Template Clip+1 Pc Sticker Tool Showy Chic Free ggh Tools Set. 26x Nail Polish Edge Anti-Flooding Plastic Template Clip + 1 Pc Sticker Tool Set

Ideal for natural and acrylic nails. Easy to use, help you keep your nails clean when use Suitable for both home and professional use. nail polish.

French Tips Sticker. Anti-flooding Nail Polish Template, Manicure Tools, 10 Different Sizes. For type 3, 4, 5, each type has 2 pairs.

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