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Lazy Phone Pillow

Lazy Phone Pillow

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Our lazy fun beanbag phone pillows can be thrown, tossed, sat on — it won’t break, and it’s PERFECT to rest your phone on so that you can angle your phone to the position that you want, freeing your hands up from having to hold your phone or having your phone always falling over or not at the angles that you want. 

These can be used on a desk, couch, table top, bed, on top of a wheelchair table, in the car, on the floor and even on your lap! With a easy grab handle, these have been designed + made with ease of use in mind!

These phone holders make a fantastic gift item and come in a wide range of assorted fabric colours and designs. They have been made using up-cycled, recycled and repurposed cottons and materials. These are made with being environmentally and eco friendly conscious. Our quilted ones are designed using scraps and ends of fabrics to create funky, fun + individual, one-of-a-kind custom creations for you. 




Material: Plush Soft Polyester and bean bag filling 

Size: Approx 20cm x 15cm 

Weight: 30 grams 

Package includes: 1x Phone Resting Bean Bag 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We thank G-Gee’s for their incredible support in helping us to bring this pattern and design to life. G-Gee is an incredible designer living in the Mighty Waikato. G-Gee collaborated with us on this product, and gifted us the finalised pattern.

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