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Splash Quilting

Crazy Bird Award

Crazy Bird Award

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Our wonderful colourful, bright bundle of joy, colour and silliness is here to brighten your day and bring their flare to the party with their brightly coloured tail or feathers and bright loud creations. This crazy silly bird loves to bring joy, and life to the party (or to the home and office). Their number one joy holder is to help make people smile and create a starting point for some neat conversation. Our wonderful crazy bird! 

This bird has been lovingly designed and hand made in New Zealand with close attention to detail, style, and a flare for fashion. Created by Splash Quilting, this bird is the only one of its kind. This unique and one of a kind creation is the only one quite like it! 

Standing on its pedestal, it would make a wonderful option as a trophy or prize. Because we all deserve support and recognition in this world, each one of us!



Material: Mixed Materials 

Size: 14cm (H) x 7 (14 with tail)cm (W) x 5cm (D)

Weight: 25 grams

Package includes: 1x Crazy Bird Award

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