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Suction On Portable Hair Dryer Holder

Suction On Portable Hair Dryer Holder

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A clamp for your hairdryer so that you have more free hands to sort your hair, without also trying to navigate having to hold your hair dryer — an extra set of hands!

With 360 degree rotation, you can set your hair dryer at the height and angle that works for you, and on a bendable wire, you can manoeuvre the hair dryer into any height, shape and direction that you need. The suction cap will securely adhere to any mirror or reflective surface such as Lino or bathroom tiles. 

It works great for drying, curling and styling your hair, and is a great solution to anyone who has trouble or is not able to hold the weight of a hair dryer, anyone who struggles with hand strength, or muscle fatigue or can’t hold their hands or arms up for long, or needs extra support to hold the hair dryer to make it easier. 

Note: It is adaptable so can hold a range of things, not just a hair dryer. Anything with a handle can be used. 


Material: PP Plastic 

Size: 31cm (L) x Clamp 5cm (W)  

Weight: 145 grams 

Package includes: 1x Portable Hair Dryer Holder 

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