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Padded Toilet Seat Identifying Cover

Padded Toilet Seat Identifying Cover

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Padded (and coloured!) toilet seats covers are a rather surprisingly great option for many people with a variety of needs and reasons… such as those who: 

— are at risk of pressure areas

— who maybe spend a lot of time on the loo due to IBS, gut issues, constipation, bowel disease, etc…

— those who are very underweight and find it painful.

— older persons that are losing padding in that area

— those who just love a little extra colour in their life  

— to help entice kids to want to use the toilet more  

—  those who enjoy a little bit of extra comfort just because, now they finally can. And why not…? 

— Lastly, for those in the early stages of dementia — having a coloured toilet seat can help one to identify the toilet seat is in a white bathroom with a white seat. Studies are showing that not knowing how to find the toilet with it all being white is a great cause of accidents, a coloured toilet seat helps them to identify where to find the toilet more assuredly, easily. (Find research articles here… XXXX)  

Features — Easy to wash by hand or machine wash, easily wipes down, and can adapt to a wide variety of shaped and sized toilet seats. Has detachable velcro stickers to help keep it in place, easy to keep in place.

Various colours available, please enquire if the colour you would like is not currently shown as available… 


Material: EVA 

Size: see below for dimensions 

Outer Ring: 41cm x 38cm

Inner Ring: 23cm x 18.5cm 

Weight: 33 grams 

Package includes: 1x Padded Toilet Seat Cover 

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