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Catheter Drainage Bag Cover

Catheter Drainage Bag Cover

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Grab one of our catheter bag covers that has been designed for the ‘overnight’ / 2L collection bag size. Our bag covers hide the fact that you have a catheter bag by using fun, bold, or discrete colours and prints to create a unique bag that just looks like a well and neatly designed side bag for you to carry around. 

Our catheter bags have been designed for easy use and access with the following features:

— Easy handle loops for carrying the in your hand

— Hook and loops to attach to the side of your bed, to an IV pole, or underneath a wheelchair or pushchair 

— Longer bag straps for you to wear it like a side bag

— Designed with an opening for being able to quickly and easily drain the bag without removing the cover

— A leg strap to help stabilise it to your leg if needed 

: This bag is in its final stages of design at the moment, please register your interest or request to purchase one of our prerelease designs pre launch. 



Material: 100% Cotton (and other materials) 

Size: TBA 

Weight: TBA 

Package includes: 1x Overnight Catheter Bag Cover (2 Litre Collection Bag) 

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